Plato’s Symposium is one of the most polyprismatic texts on Eros. Indeed, in view of the Symposium , one can say – paraphrasing Italo Calvino’s description of Aglaura, one of his ‘ Invisible Cities ’ – that “everything which has previously been said of Eros imprisons the words and forces you to retell rather than to tell”. This ‘retelling’, however, if we do not submit ourselves to the needs of...Read more
The European Association for International Education defines internationalization of Higher Education (HE) as the whole range of processes by which HE becomes less national and more internationally oriented. There are several approaches to the internationalization of HE, including the movement of students to foreign countries, the movement of programs and providers across borders, i.e., transnational education (TNE), and the education hubs, i.e., designated regions which hope to attract international students...Read more