BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Greenwich)

This programme has been developed to provide a broad scientific education in Psychology, a study which seeks to understand mind and behaviour through experimentation, observation and measurement. This includes: the study of perception, memory and emotion in adults and children; the socio-psychological processes that shape our relationships with each other and society; the development of language, behaviour, personality and thought in children; the biological processes that underpin behaviour; and the causes and treatment of abnormal behaviour.
Within the programme, students are introduced to the core areas of psychology and receive a strong grounding in psychological research methods. This component focuses on learning about how psychological research is conducted, interpreted and reported through a series of guided learning exercises, culminating in an independent research project in the final year.

Year 1

  • Academic and Personal Development
  • Introduciton to Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology 1
  • Introduction to Counselling

Year 2

  • Brain Behaviour and Cognition
  • Research Methods in Psychology 2
  • Developmental and Social Psychology
  • Individual Differences and Abnormal Psychology

Year 3

Courses currently being offered in Athens:

  • Psychology Project
  • Social Psychology III: Current Issues
  • Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Advanced Counselling Theories
  • Adult Development and Mental Health
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • Introduction to Health Psychology

The BSc in Pyschology is a 3-year full-time programme, taught exclusively in the English language. Courses are offered within a two-term period, with two exam periods in May and August. Students may choose to study on a Part-Time mode. 

Work opportunities in counseling (with additional training), research, business, human resource management and the social sciences.

Graduates with a Second Class degrees are eligible to apply for British Psychological Society (BPS) membership.